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Ghanaians are small-minded people – Duncan Williams

The Presiding Bishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International (ACI) Arch Bishop Nicholas has described Ghanaians as small-minded people.

According to the powerful and charismatic man of God, Ghanaians have issues with everything and rather see things that are common in other countries as a luxury instead of a necessity.

Arch Bishop Duncan Williams who is married to Lady Rosa Whitaker of The Whitaker Group in an interview on Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana show condemned what he said is the Ghanaian culture that makes us want to destroy our own compatriots who are making it in life.

He urged the government to make a deliberate effort to empower some Ghanaian business executives to be billionaires as some countries have done to enable them to employ the teeming unemployed youth in the country.

For God’s sake, let’s be determined, the government must make a deliberate effort to empower 10 or 20 Ghanaians like Nigeria and other countries have done to raise up some billionaires. I was in Nigeria recently they sent a jet to pick me. When I was coming back to Ghana I countered over 25 private jets parked there and it was no issue to the government nor the media. If you have a private jet and so what? it means nothing, nobody cared. It can’t happen[In Ghana] because we are small-minded. We have issues with everything, we feel like a private jet is a luxury but it is not a luxury when you have responsibility. To me, I think a private is a necessity and not a luxury.”

He added: “If somebody has a private jet and so what? we have to begin to appreciate, accept and celebrate if one of has a private jet and he has not broken the law to earn it, leave him alone. If he has broken the law hold him responsible, deal with him. But this culture of attacking, being critical…if a young lady is successful she’s either sleeping with a married man or dealing in drugs, if a young man comes on the scene and for whatever reason, he was not born by one of the old money people and he’s new we have to investigate him right now and I’m talking about things that were done to me as a pastor.”

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