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Hang CSE programme on Mahama – Education Minister

The Minister of Education Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh has accused former President John Mahama of hypocrisy over the controversial Comprehensive Sexuality Education programme.

He questioned Mr Mahama’s criticism of President Akufo Addo for the widely circulated document when the text books produced on the subject in his regime hs attributes against Ghanaian cultural norms and values.

Speaking at the National Congress of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) Kumasi, Dr. Opoku Prempeh slammed what he described as unguarded discourse saying it will make governance difficult.

“So if in April we wrote to curriculum and said we have not accepted your guidelines because it is not in the standard norms of Ghanaian society of Ghanaian culture what wrong has the government done? That’s why I say today it’s to expose intellectually tomorrow we’ll talk the political talk because this is abominable to describe a sitting President as Comprehensive Satanic Education when that that title should be hanging around somebody waist like Azumah Nelson’s belt governance will become very difficult because the person who is shouting I was building schools continue cannot shout I was doing CSE continue rather somebody is doing CSE punish him.”

Former President John Mahama has added his voice to the many calls on government to ditch the proposed Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) guidelines reportedly planned to be included in the new basic education curriculum.

He said the CSE in any form is unacceptable.

John Mahama in a Facebook post said the government must “respect and uphold the enduring values, norms and the right culture of Ghana” by withdrawing the CSE and focus on improving the quality of education the country.

“What Ghana urgently needs is a substantial improvement in quality education, which is accessible and affordable to all,” Mahama noted.

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