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Let’s treat our former leaders with dignity – Kufour

Former President John Kufour, says Ghana owns its former leaders and Statesmen a duty to treat them with dignity as has been demonstrated by leaders in other jurisdictions such as in the United States of America and by the current sitting President of Ghana, President Akufo Addo.

Addressing attendees of a Thanksgiving dinner organized by President Akufo Addo, to celebrate him on the occasion of his 8th decade (80th birthday) on planet earth at the Jubilee House, Former President Kufour, referring to the remarks of ex United States (US) President Barack Obama, at the State Funeral of the late 41st President of the United States, George Bush Snr., who said before he got to the White House as President, he had his own opinions about former US Presidents until he experienced for himself the difficulties they have had to deal with on hourly and daily basis during the short periods they were in office, said the Nation Ghana has no reason to mistreat her current and former leaders.

President Kufour said President Obama based on his own experience said he had come to the funeral not only to honour the late George Bush Snr., but to also honour George Bush Jnr., who’s term in office was characterized by very difficult happenings in the history of the United States including the 911 terrorist attacks.

“When it got to Obama’s turn, he said before he got to the White House, the Oval Office, his opinion of some of the people who had gone ahead of him wasn’t that good, but once he got in there and saw the multitude challenges that afflicted them by the day, you can even say by the hour, not only from the United States but from around the world and how these people managed to tackle some of these challenges within the very short span of office they were given, he got to feel that all of them to the man were very honourable people and that they tried to do their best for their country”.

Former President Kufour further stated that Obama indicated that “for that he attended that celebration to praise Bush Jnr. and to ask the United States to look on all these retired Presidents as honourable people. Bush Jnr. Wept because of the way Obama Addressed the gathering. I believe this is how we need to learn to treat our leaders both sitting and past and what the President has done tonight I believe is a lesson that should not be lost to our us” Former President Kufour said.

President Akufo Addo, in a brief statement recalled the several names the former President is usually associated with or affectionately called; Kofi Diewou, JAK, Gentle Gaint, and Apagyafiemunnipa.

President Akufo Addo said undoubtedly, former President Kufour, has been the most successful leader in the Danquah, Dombo, Busia Tradition.

The President on his own behalf and on the behalf of the first lady, Rebecca Akufo Addo, wished former President Kufour a happy birthday, many happy returns and God’s abundant blessings on him and his wife Teresa Kufour.

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