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NDC Begs Rawlings Over ‘Controversial’ Book

TOP MEMBERS of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) are virtually on their knees, begging their party’s founder, Jerry John Rawlings, not to launch a ‘controversial’ book he has authored.

The controversial book dubbed: “The Triumph of Evil” is said to have the potential of making mind-blowing discoveries about how the NDC struggled to win political power in 2008 and afterwards.Mr. Rawlings, who made the statement during a National Cadres Conference held at Ejisu in the Ashanti Region, said he took his time to write about the major happenings in the party, especially after the NDC had won political power in 2008.

It would basically talk about how some party people, who lived a humble lifestyle during the struggle for political power, suddenly turned into ‘thin gods’ and also lived lavish lifestyles after the 2008 victory.

Beaming with smiles as he addressed the Cadres, he stated that the book would make damning revelations about the NDC, for which reason it has already sparked fear and panic among some of their leaders.

“My book, which I have successfully finished writing, will make serious exposure about what is going on in the NDC. It will specifically talk about our struggles to win the 2008 elections and afterwards,” the former President revealed.

“I have titled the book ‘The Triumph of Evil’ and I am making frantic efforts to get it launched for everybody to see and know what really happened in the party after attaining political power and afterwards.

“The book will make serious discoveries and some of the bad deeds that happened in the NDC, especially after we were able to win political power in 2008,” Mr. Rawlings said, attracting wild applause from his audience.

Continuing, the NDC founder said the book’s content would open cobwebs, which would not augur well for the opposition party “so some top NDC people have been begging me not to launch the book”.Mr. Rawlings, who seemed like making mockery of the NDC, said “fear and panic has already gripped some NDC leading members,” who fear the book would adversely affect the fortunes of the party during the 2020 polls.

According to him, the book also talked at length about how some people managed to use money to get hold of the party, thereby relegating justice, probity and accountability, which are the principles on which the party stands, to the background.

“They monetised the electoral process so that they would keep you broke whilst they would stay in power with their cronies as they enjoy for you to suffer,” the NDC founder pointed out.

Touching on other pressing national issues, Mr. Rawlings said he doesn’t feel happy and comfortable, especially when he sees some wealthy and influential people in society live their life as if they are above the law.

According to him, the various institutions of state should work without interference so that anybody, who would break the law, would be arrested and made to face the consequences as prescribed by the laws of the state.

“The domineering class should not be made to live above the law because a domineering class could easily be corrupted. The domineering class doesn’t live above the law in the West and it should be replicated here,” he said.

Some top-notch NDC members including the party’s General Secretary, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, Prof. Joshua Alabi, and other party members from all the 16 regions in the country attended the event at Ejisu.

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