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Prof. Gyampo captured on camera BBC’s ‘Sex For Grades’ exposé

A prominent lecturer at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana, Prof Ransford Gyampo has been caught on camera in the BBC Africa Eye’s “sex for grades” exposé.

Prof. Gyampo who’s also the Head of European Studies at the University of Ghana is seen in the viral video asking an undercover journalist who posed as a student to marry him.

Not long after accepting to be the mentor of the lady, the Lecturer who is heard on the media speaking on all manner of subjects requested to visit her on a Sunday afternoon but she persuaded him to meet at her at the Mall instead.

Professor Gyampo was captured in excerpts of the video making “numerous inappropriate demands” from the student whom he had agreed to mentor.

He subsequently proposed to the student to marry him and revealed his desire to kiss her.

The BBC has indicated that Prof. Gyampo has denied the allegations levelled against him adding that he was entrapped.

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