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A/R: Boy found dead at Suame Market

Traders at the Suame market in the Ashanti Region were on Tuesday morning shocked to have seen a 26-year old man hanging dead in the market, in what doesn’t appear to be an act of suicide.

But strangely, the young man whose identity is not immediately known was spotted rather standing and fastened to a structure instead of hanging as is usually the case with suicide acts.

This has led most of the traders and other people who witnessed the unfortunate incident suspecting that the young man might have been murdered elsewhere and his body brought to the market.

The neck of the deceased prior to his death had been fastened with a jacket and the body had machete wounds on the back, around the navel area, and on his forehead.

It is unclear what time of the day the unfortunate incident happened.

The Suame Police arrived at the crime scene to convey the body to the Konfo Anokye Teaching Hospital mortuary for preservation and autopsy.

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