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IGP removal scheme: Atta Akyea is biassed and continually makes unfavourable remarks, according to Dampare’s attorney

Samuel Atta Akyea, the chairman of the Parliamentary ad hoc committee looking into the contentious video, has come under fire from the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo-Dampare, for his conduct in the investigation.

Kwame Gyan claims that the chairman, who ought to be impartial towards the witnesses, has revealed his prejudices.


The outspoken attorney maintained that Mr. Atta Akyea has his own agenda in this case during an appearance with JoyNews on Monday, October 9.

He pursues his own goals. He will be giving media interviews to the point where, following one sitting, he went public and claimed that the lengthy audio Bugri Naabu submitted—which was not played at the committee—had been altered. Very discriminatory remarks, he said.

He declared that going future, the chairman’s actions will not be tolerated.


He asserts that he will make sure that all of his actions are legal or they will face vehement opposition.


“I drop my guns out of respect for Parliament, the institution, and the members of the Committee,” he continued, “but I’m going to proceed by doing what lawyers do.”

Mr. Gyan is not the only one making this claim; political scientist Professor Ransford Gyampo previously made a similar claim.

He claimed that the chairman’s stance during the IGP hearing revealed his “personal bias against the IGP.”


He argued that it is obvious the Abuakwa MP has sided with the “bitter police officers” whose voices were recognised on the audio, which is why his resignation is being demanded.


“Ghanaians are wiser than you are not. We are able to determine your bias. Your nonverbal cues, lines of inquiry, and recurrent comments all seem to be biassed against the IGP.

“You don’t appear to be a trustworthy chairman of any significant committee. You appear more like an attorney representing resentful police officers whose bid to become IGPs so they could thwart the will of the people has been exposed.
The committee’s meeting will begin today, Tuesday, October 10, following a nearly month-long hiatus.

Due to security concerns, the remainder of the investigation will take place behind closed doors.


The chairman, Mr Atta Akyea, said that “all the witnesses will gather with their solicitors and then they are supposed to give us the evidential support in relation to what they said openly and privately.”


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