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AWW C’ssion: Azugu’s thinking capability gave him problems – Dir. Ops, Nat’l Security

The Director of Operations at the National Security Col. Michael Opoku has dismissed some of the evidence given by the Commander of the SWAT team at the Commission of Inquiry investigating the violence that characterized the Ayawaso by-election.

He believes the SWAT team Commander’s four-hour grilling at the Commission on Monday negatively affected his thinking ability and informed the answers he gave to questions asked of him.

“I wouldn’t because he was here for almost four and the half hours and I’m sure his thinking capability started giving him some problems so he had to at times make some jokes.” Colonel Opoku responded to a question by the Commission’s lawyer whether he’ll be surprised that the SWAT Commander told the commission he didn’t know that his men will wear mask.

He also rejected assertions by DSP Azugu that the National Security operatives wore masks to prevent mosquito bites.

“My Lord I think that my DSP said the mask was for protection against mosquitoes but it was not for mosquitoes, I think it was just for a joke that he made. But we normally mask to ensure that our operatives are not seen. Operatives live within the communities if you see a policeman masked it means that policeman is living within the community and he can be seen a day or tomorrow after the operation. So normally those who are likely to be seen and their cover blown are masked and in this situation, those who were masked that was the essence. We didn’t want their cover to be blown.”

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