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Bono Reg. Minister, aide Maxwell Mahama, others to sue Nimdi3 FM, Baba Amando for defamation

The Bono Regional Minister, Evelyn Ama Kumi-Richardson, her aide, Maxwell Mahama, Frank Musah Damtarl, Sunyani East NPP Constituency Chairman and Alhaji Bashiru Alhassan(Nasara Coordinator, Sunyani East) have threatened to sue Nimdi3 95.1FM for defamation.

According to lawyers of the above-mentioned individuals, Nana Obiri Boahen, Ansah & Associates, they are instructed by the clients to demand from the radio station an immediate and unqualified retraction and apology for statements that it permitted one Baba Amando to publish on the 12th December 2020 wholly untrue, recklessly slanderous and altogether defamatory statements that damages their good names and reputation. without issuing any form of disclaimer.

The lawyers in a statement reproduced the offending words that Baba Amando was allowed to make

“They campaigned against Ameyaw Cheremeh at Kotokrom; they all campaigned against Ameyaw Cheremeh to the extent that people that we directed to the Nasara Coordinator Bashiru all voted against Ameynw Chetemeh. These people are the acting Regional Minister Maxwell Madonna and the Bono Regional Minister.

In the press conference I will reveal to you what happened in the house of Με… on the 1″ day of December 2020 about Six (6) days to the elections the amount of money they gave to Allan Sekyere as resources to take the seat of Ameyaw Cheremeh or to reduce his votes so that Ameyaw Cheremeh cannot contest again. Thanks be to God that Ameyaw Cheremeh is one of the MP’s who performed well in the region.

In a press conference on Monday, I will reveal to you with evidence what the Bono Regional Minister did against the Bono Deputy Regional Minister, Siaka Stephens.

I will point to the people affected that what I say here can be confirmed from Siaka Stephens or the Secretary. I will show you letters that were written in the grand sabotage, written by some of the Mp’s. Some of the appointees are wicked because they want to contest as MP’s, the Bono Regional Minister wanted to contest the primaries and was the one who supported Lawyer Tuah Yeboah.

Chairman Damtel, Nasara coordinator, Bono Regional Minister, Maxwell  Mahama, and their cohorts all ganged up and voted against their Member of Parliament Ameyaw Cheremeh… ”

According to the lawyers, it is apt to point out that the host of the program was heard in the audio urging Baba Amando on by asking leading questions and supplementing his comments as and when he deemed it necessary.

These statements, the lawyers said which were published through the radio station’s medium are maliciously false and were calculated when made to damage their clients by causing their good names and reputation to be held in contempt and vilification by right-thinking members of the society.

The lawyers “by this communique calling on you to cease and desist from permitting the said Baba Amando or people of like minds from using your frequency to make such slanderous and false statements unnecessarily inciting the general public and for that matter member of the NPP against our clients forthwith. We again urge you to publish a clear and unqualified apology and retraction of the statements, which are deliberately libelous.

“We further demand a formal letter apologizing to our clients and your very tacit assurance that never again will you ever permit anyone to publish such slanderous and false statements in such an unfortunate manner against our clients.”

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