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Forgive me; I am your son – Elikem apologises to Kofi Adjorlolo again

Fashion designer and actor, Elikem Kumordzie has apologised once again to veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo after retracting an apology he made to him earlier on live radio.

According to Elikem Kumordzie, he was pained when Mr. Adjorlolo asked him to deffer his apology to his dead father.

”I had to make one last video on this topic. Yesterday I was in studio with Kofi Adjorlolo and things went from zero to one hundred real quick. I want to render sincere apologies to the veteran actor. There was no reason for me to have gotten upset to me to have spoken on top of my voice in such a disrespectful manner to him. So I want to say sorry. I want to apologise”.

”I got upset like that because he said something to me that didn’t sit down too well with me but who I’m I? He said I should take my apology to my dear father’s grave. My father is so dear to me. I love him so much he passed on some 15 years ago but in the culture that we were raised in, you are supposed to show respect to the elderly no matter what so I am very sorry Kofi Adjorlolo. If you will find a place in your heart to forgive me. Remember I am your son,” he said.

Elikem Kumordzie however believes it is an opportune moment for industry players to have a healthy conversation about actors and their remuneration.

”I played the role of your son in the movie, the Prince of Tamale by Venus films which we got paid. So I just urge all of us to drop everything. Have a healthy conversation about actors and our remuneration and everything that can be good for us. Things got fired up but it could be a healthy conversation,” he said.

The two actors have been getting it on in media spats over a comment Elikem is purported to have made in relation to a demand by Kofi Adjorlolo to movie producers to pay him all monies owed him.

Though many in the movie industry supported Mr. Adjorlolo’s claims, Elikem Kumordzie took advantage of the issue to advise actors to get a day job and stop depending on the monies from acting because he deemed acting as a part-time job.

The advise however did not go down well with Mr. Adjorlolo as well as many of his fans and industry players.

Following several backlashes on social media and entertainment programmes on mainstream media, Elikem Kumordzie apologised to Kofi Adjorlolo.

However, on a program on Peace FM on February 8, the pained Kofi Adjorlolo rejected the apology and asked Elikem Kumordzie to apologise to his late father for disrespecting him.

According to Mr. Adjorlolo, He served Elikem’s father dutifully and he sees no reason for Elikem to disrespect him(Adjorlolo) in such a manner.“…you know I read something on the net that they said you have to apologise to me and you know what I said? I said go and apologise to Famous, your father Famous Kumordzie on his graveside because I served him and he loved me…so when they told me about you, I said why, how? I didn’t want to talk…” Mr Adjorlolo lamented.

“I’m soo emotional…you see all I’m saying is they owe me, I’ve worked for them, they’ve even shown the film all over the country, just give me my money…pay me that’s all…you young ones you have problems,” he opined amidst tears.

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