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Govt launches Results Fair for Ministries to showcase their work

The Government of Ghana has launched what it calls a Results Fair which is a platform for the various priority ministries to showcase what they’ve been able to achieve so far.

The initiative is being led by the Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr. Anthoby Akoto Osei.

The move comes at a time the Akufo Addo government says it has fulfilled 72% of campaign promises.

The fair is under the theme: “Delivering Results for Our Citizens, a work in progress.”

Dr. Akoto Osei explaining the rationale for the initiative when he met the press in Accra on Thursday said his outfit is giving an opportunity to most of the government ministries and agencies particular the 17 priority programmes to come and tell their own stories.

“I may know about it, can they tell you what school feeding is about? You hear about Special Development Initiatives somebody thinks that it is only about one-village one-Dam in the Northern Region, or ambulances, no, it is not. 

“Normally we don’t talk about Cabinet things but I’ll try and simplify it. I do an assessment of all of them but I don’t get the chance for them to tell their own story. My assessment is limited to what I’ve agreed with them so we don’t really…even the President doesn’t know all that this ministry does. So we are giving them an opportunity to come and write their story to Ghanaians,” Dr. Akoto added.

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