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If you appreciate Free SHS, vote 90% NO on Dec. 17- NPP Chairman urges

The Bantama Constituency Chairman of the Ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Fiifi Mensah has urged Ghanaians to come out in their numbers during the December 17 referendum to vote massively against the election of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs).

According to him, this is to ensure that nobody sabotages the good policies and programs of the government.

Mr. Fiifi Mensah, said the referendum seeks to only democratize Ghana’s local governance process in the country but Ghanaians are failing to observe the other facet of the coin.

Speaking in an interview with Sunyani based Radio Station, Space 87.7 FM’s flagship Saturday morning program, “The Hot Points”, Chairman Fiifi Mensah said Nana Akuffo Addo and his Government are gradually cleaning the mess created by the previous government and to him, the only support Ghanaian can gift him is to allow  the President continue the excellent leadership he is providing with the people he trusts and those that share his vision, ambition and aspirations.

“To me it’s not time yet, we haven’t reached there yet, we don’t have to allow people to undermine and sabotage, the free SHS, the Nation Builders Corps program (NABC), one District one Constituency project (1D1F), one constituency – one warehouse project, one Village one Dam project (1V1D), Digitizing Ghana Project, Digitizing the clearance of goods at the Ports through paperless Ports Project among others that this president have worked so hard to achieved”. Mr. Fiifi Mensah said.

Mr. Fiifi Mensah noted that, the country has no comprehensive National Development Agenda that binds every government, however, the country is governed by  Party Manifestos, Ideologies and Campaign promises so it is very difficult to move along with anyone who does not share one’s ideology.

“Am asking all good people of Ghana, especially the homes that have benefited the Free Senior High School (SHS) program if they really appreciate the program then their thanks to the president should be voting 90% NO, we will not  get rid of Article 55 subsection 3 of our Constitution atleast not now, allow the president to clear all the mess and bring the country back to the track.

“Act 290(4) states that after the bill has been read the first time in parliament it shall not be proceeded with further unless it has been submitted to a referendum held throughout Ghana with at least forty percent (40%) of the persons entitled to vote, voting at the referendum and at least seventy percent (70%) of the persons who voted cast their vote in favour of the passing of the bill.

Subsection 3 of Article 55 is the clause that prevents us from electing our MMDCEs and assembly members through competitive elections based on party politics.

Currently, it is the sole responsibility of the President to nominate the MMDCE and the assembly members vote for the person.

The debate has gone on for a while and it’s quite clear from research and surveys about possible constitutional amendments that the majority of Ghanaians think it’s a good idea.

That’s why all the political party manifestos of 2016 promised to have them elected but the Bantama NPP Chairman believes otherwise, as he is of the view that not all promises are implemented in the first term.

His fear is that MMDCE positions are very sensitive positioned and that if care is not taken and others from a different party like NDC are allowed to those positions they will sabotage and destroy the programs and the policies of the government.

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