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I’ll deal with callous agenda of bile by Ahwoi, others – Rawlings

Former President and Founder of the opposition National Democratic Congress(NDC) J.J Rawlings has indicated that he’ll soon deal with the callous agenda of bile by the likes of Kwamena Ahwoi, who are desperately seeking control of the NDC party.

According to him, much as he finds it tiring and tedious to be engaging in self defence when he’s given his all, all these years, he just can’t sit quietly to allow Mr Ahwoi and his cohorts to lay a siege on the NDC.

The NDC could, should and has survived on the authority of the word but if care is not taken, it will collapse and drown as has been happening, on the word of those in authority,” Mr Rawlings said in a Facebook post.

Mr Kwamena Ahwoi who’s a founding member of the NDC last week launched his book titled “Working With Rawlings”

However, the Chairman for the Volta Regional Council of Elders for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) described portions of the book ‘Working With Rawlings’ as an attempt to discredit the political legacy of former President Jerry John Rawlings.

Dan Abodakpi said some inaccuracies referenced in the Prof Kwamena Awhoi’s tell-it-all, unfortunately, portrays him as “an accessory to any grand agenda to delink Mr Rawlings from the NDC as the party that he founded.”

This assertion he vehemently rejects.

“My very intimate historical knowledge of some of the key actions that shaped our Revolutionary/Democratic evolution and our current political status are not in question given my experience as a Member of the Political Committee and the Campaign Steering Committee. Again, I question the motive of the author in twisting the facts to denigrate the person of the Founder of a Party he claims to love,” Mr Abodakpi said.

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