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Leaked romantic videotape: Kan Dapaah must resign now – Security analyst

A Security Analyst, Saani Adib has called for the resignation of the National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah following the latter’s leaked videotape with his side-chic on social media.

Saani Adib contends that if the National Security Minister could be entrapped by an ordinary Ghanaian lady in such manner, its likewise quite easy for him to be compromised in his office as Minister of State.

“Kan Dapaah represents a Ministry that exists to formulate, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the implementation of security and intelligence policies through the deployment of skilled human resources and modern technology for stakeholders to enhance security, freedom of the citizenry and national development. Hence, for him to get embroiled in such a reckless act and exercising such poor judgment speaks a lot about how messy a Kan Dapaah-led National Security Ministry is. If a National Security Minister can easily be set up by a lady and exposed in such a fashion, the probability of him getting compromised is certainly high,” he said in a statement on Monday.

Arguing further, Mr Adib said embattled Albert Kan Dapaah staying on as a National Security Minister is precarious for the nation on the basis of his recklessness in his amorous affair, notwithstanding his position.

“The implications are dire; in the past, a lot of Ghanaians perceive the National Security
architecture as a mysterious institution with well-trained agents you could not beat. With this act, even the criminals wouldn’t take us seriously. I am particularly worried that this
carelessness could transcend into other actions that could compromise the security of the
state. Kan Dapaah has brought disrepute and shame to the institution. His continuous stay
will mean a perpetuation of gross incompetence and ineptitude.


National Security Minister, Albert Kan Dapaah, has been caught up in a scandal following a leaked videotape with his side-chic on social media.

The short video chat was clearly recorded on the blindside of the National Security Minister as he was lured into going all out in a romantic chat with the supposed girlfriend.

In the leaked video, the Minister who was wearing a pyjamas practically obeyed instructions from the lady and was even seen making a 360 turn upon a request by the young girlfriend who deliberately hid her face from the camera throughout the chat.

The leaked video was allegedly recorded while the National Security Minister was cooling off in his hotel room outside the country presumably on a national assignment.

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