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Nigerian actress responds to the release of a sex tape

Moyo Lawal, a Nigerian actress, has refuted allegations that she shared her now-viral sex tape to gain attention.

The actress, who has been the topic of discussions and news stories on traditional and social media since Saturday, claims that the terrible situation makes her feel violated and defenceless.

Moyo Lawal said in a video on her Instagram page that the encounter was an invasion of her privacy and had emotionally taxed her.

The aforementioned video, which has been trending on Twitter since last Saturday, has elicited both praise and criticism from her followers and coworkers.

Some detractors are adamant The footage was purposefully leaked by Moyo.

The actress, who is well known for her active social media presence, claimed that the publication of the aforementioned video completely caught her off guard.

“My privacy and trust have been violated, and an old private film of mine has been inappropriately broadcast without my permission. I want to make it clear that this film, which was shot with the ex-girlfriend I was engaged to at the time, was never meant for public consumption and that its unauthorised release violates my personal boundaries. However, legal action will undoubtedly be taken in response to this criminal invasion of privacy.

“It really hits me funny because I have always maintained a strict approach to my sexuality, even going so far as to be celibate for a few years, refusing to date frequently and choosing to be alone most of the time,” the speaker said.

She also called for a more responsible and sympathetic use of social media and begged her followers and the general public to respect her privacy during this trying period.

She stressed the significant negative effects the incident has had on her mental and emotional health.

“I have made up my mind that this sad situation won’t make me lose my spirit. I am grateful for the sympathy and understanding shown to me by people who have gotten in touch with me during this trying time. Please know how much your generosity and goodwill mean to me.




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