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NPP sponsored UG research – Bernard Mornah alleges

Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah has said that affiliates of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) administration sponsored the latest research by the University of Ghana on the compilation of a new voters’ register.

According to Mr Mornah who doubles as the spokesperson of the Inter-Party Resistance against New Voters’ Register, the body which funded the research, Conrad Adenauer Foundation is a known capitalist organization which only supports activities of the governing New Patriotic Party.

UG’s Political Science Department released the research which sought to find out whether Ghanaians were in support of the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new electoral roll or not.

The research sampled 27,500 respondents; out of which 17,843 persons representing 64.9 per cent said they were in favour of the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new register.

But speaking in an interview on Starr FM, Bernard Mornah said “it is very clear that this is very biased research” since it was conducted by the “right-wing of the Political Science Department of University of Ghana” and is sponsored by a “right-wing political group.”

“What is the interest of the institution that is funding and supporting the research? Everyone knows that it is a right-wing political foundation from Germany that in Ghana in particular, they have supported only the NPP and no other political party…Conrad Adenauer Foundation supports only activities of the NPP because it is a capitalist organization. So if they go to the University of Ghana and find capitalist grouping and then they sponsor them, what do you expect the outcome to be. This is a very bogus, bias research that has come, and it has no merit. This is even a research that has been done by the appointees of the NPP and the methodology is questionable, the sample is questionable, the sample location is even questionable.”

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