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Political violence offensive; Politicians must be ashamed – Akufo Addo

President Akufo Addo has described the concept of political violence in Ghana’s politics as “offensive” and a shame to all Ghanaian politicians.

Condemning political violence in his address at Ghana’s 62nd Independence Anniversary celebration in Northern Regional Capital, Tamale, on Wednesday 6th March, President Akufo Addo According said there should be absolutely no room for violence in our political engagements, adding that it must rather be a contest of ideas.

“Under a multi party democracy there will necessarily be the divergence of opinion, indeed democracry thrives on debate, on passion, on argument and sometimes even on raised voices. In the midst of the arguments and raised voices there is and must always be mutual respect for the opposing viewpoint. Under a multiparty democracy, we must have an election that would invariably be keenly fought. There is no room and there must not be any room for violence in this whole process. It should be a context of ideas that seeks to win the hearts and minds of the people. Success should be counted by how many young people go to school and get skills and jobs and not by how many people can be marshalled to disrupt elections or how many broken bones we can count. The people of Ghana do not deserve to be toyed with in such a reckless manner. The very concept of political violence is offensive and shames us all who are in politics.

He added that he remains committed to finding a lasting solution to the phenomenon of political violence.

“That is why I’m determined that hopefully the impending dialogue between the two major political parties the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress who between them regularly take more than 95% of votes in elections who have provided all the seven governments of the Fourth Republic and who are the only two parties currently represented in Parliament should succeed. I will spare no effort including the initiation of the relevant legislation to ensure that we rid our nation of politically related violence.”

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