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Produce authentic EOCO report if you’re disputing mine – Rawlings to UEW

The Office of the Former President, Jerry John Rawlings has said the former leader is sure about the authenticity of the EOCO Report he has access to, in relation to the UEW feud, challenging authorities to furnish the accurate version for scrutiny, if they still dispute it.

In a Press Statement by the Office of the former President signed by Kobina Andoh Amoakwa(Communications Directorate) said the University rather is contradicting itself of the facts of the matter particularly with the EOCO report.

“There was an official cover letter attached to the report and signed by the Executive Secretary of EOCO. If there was any doubt as to the authenticity of the report, why was the Executive Secretary not invited or subpoenaed to authenticate the report? In any case, if fraud or suspicion of fraud was perpetrated by the affected officers, concerning the EOCO Report, why were they not referred to the appropriate authorities for further investigations? Let us emphasise that former President Rawlings has never been deceived about the existence of an EOCO Report. He is very much aware of his responsibilities and would not be carried away by the antics of so-called disgruntled individuals.”

The University had in a detailed response to Mr Rawlings, in the usual banter between the former leader and authorities of UEW  said it has “noted with utter dismay and shock”, the comments by the former President during his recent event in Winneba concerning Prof Avoke’s dismissal, which he described as a “social injustice” and the “violation” of the ex-V-C’s human rights.

The statement, signed by the Registrar, Surv. Paul Osei-Barima, Esq., said the university deems the comments of Mr Rawlings “as unfortunate and a complete distortion of the facts arising out of misinformation and/or a loss of touch with the developments at UEW over the last two years”.

“Indeed, the ex-President, in similar remarks a couple of months ago, waded into the issue from same ill-informed position and we, through our Public Relations Office, accordingly responded by educating him on the facts regarding the very issue he sought to bring into the public domain.

“Since our ex-President has decided to go public, again, with the same distorted facts, it is now becoming too obvious that ex-President Rawlings will rather tread the dangerous path of listening to a single story rather than trail the path that will lead to a revelation of truth and objectivity – two important fundamental principles that he claimed undergirded the revolution he led and commemorated in Winneba last Tuesday, December 31st, 2019.

“The management of the University of Education Winneba, therefore, wishes to educate the ex- President and free him from his ill-informed position on the UEW matter, and, as well, clarify the facts regarding such matters for the general public”, the statement noted.

But the office of the former leader in a latest reaction has advised management of the University of Education(UEW) to dig into their own Press releases in the past for clarity on their long-held position regarding the protracted feud at the top level of the university.

“if the University did not apply to EOCO for an investigation to be conducted and were also not interested in such an investigation, how come they used it as the basis of asking the affected officers to step aside, as captured in their 7th November, 2017 Press Release?

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