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Sammi Awuku slams Salaga youth; cautions against act of vandalism

Charismatic National Organiser of the NPP has launched a scathing attack on Salaga Youth after inspecting the burnt Salaga Party Office.

The National Organiser and his team of Organisers at the National Level who have been touring the various constituencies in the Upper West, Upper East, North East, Northern and the Savanna Regions descended heavily on hundreds of youth who had come to welcome him upon hearing of his visit.

The National Organiser minced no words in describing the incident as an act of barbarism.
He cautioned the youth to refrain from the use of violence at the least misunderstanding. The National Organiser said

“Last year you had the most beautiful Party office when I visited, but today sadly you have become homeless and officeless due to your actions, the Party frowns on these acts and we will ensure all those involved are dealt with, In politics we all must make compromises one way or the other.. you burnt your Party office because Salaga was not named the Regional Capital, meanwhile the President has other plans for you and has shown you Grace by appointing your MP as Regional Minister.

The National Organiser who did not hide his disgust also issued a stern warning to any youth group or groups that will be toying with the idea of undermining the Government or Party’s effort to rethink of their strategy as the Party and government won’t condone any of such acts.

The youth also openly apologized to the Party and also promised that as the National Organiser has requested they will all get involved to also rebuild the Party office and support the Constituency Leadership to Campaign hard and retain the seat.

The National Organiser was accompanied by the National Women’s Organiser, National Youth Organizer, National Nasara Coordinator and their Deputies.

Sammi Awuku has also been meeting with the various Vigilante Groups affiliated to the NPP in efforts to whip them in line per the President’s call to the NPP and NDC.

He has so far met with Invisible, the Rock and Kandahar Groups within the Regions and achieved the success the Party wanted.

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