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“Your 10% contribution to the music industry is a joke” – Ponobiom to Bloggers

Uptown Energy rapper, Ponobiom has among his travel experiences has advised bloggers to focus more on engaging seminars to make Ghana music industry more viable than only publishing, which contributes only ten percent [10%] to the industry.

The rapper noted for his explicit content on Thursday, March 28, 2019, on HitzFm in his comment pointed out how bloggers, individuals, society, and governments are contributing to making the music industry big but the focus on publishing which contributes only ten [10] percent to the growth of the Ghana Music industry is a joke.

“I have travelled around the world and have seen how bloggers and how other people are helping their industry. How the government and other societies are putting interest in other things that will make their industry bigger. If you take the whole industry, the whole entertainment, everywhere in the world, writing, publishing takes 10 percent, so if Bloggers in Ghana are contributing around 10 percent for more than 10 years is a joke,” he said.

Ponobiom, however, pointed out that, besides the negative feeds that come with artistes in Ghana which is regarded current and relevant is in other parts of the world considered 20 years outdated. He called for joint stakeholder participation than the blame game.

“The focus for them (bloggers) should be to hold seminars on how to push Ghana music industry because if we say they are at fault, VGMA’s fault, whatever faults, studio fault, artistes fault, they should come together and solve those things out. Do you know when an artist is big in Ghana, he is big everywhere in the world? If you are the biggest musician here in Ghana and you travel abroad, you remain the biggest musician and you represent Ghana and that becomes a story feed around you but that story feed is 20 years back,” he stated.

The ‘Obia Wone Master’ hitmaker, furthermore applauded some writers and bloggers engagement when he travels to London.

Bloggers in Ghana will focus on what happens in his daily life which he cannot control. For that reason, he will rather concentrate on the sixty (60) more years ahead of him to live than waste his five (5) minutes on the unnecessary trivial.

Born Solomon Adu Antwi, Ponobiom revealed that he is able to get lucrative platforms and that is what the Ghanaian industry should be focused on. He urged that the industry desists from running on the 10 percent growth for 100 percent; until then, the industry will not grow and the government will not appreciate its relevance.

“When you travel abroad, they put you up there. I go to BBC, I go to VOX Africa, and they put me on platforms. That is what they (bloggers) should do. The stories still come. Who says they won’t come? If you are running your 10 percent for 100 percent, how can the industry move? How can the government plan for royalties if they only see negative stuff about musicians” he quizzed.

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