Police have arrested the suspects behind the kidnapping of the two Canadian women in Kumasi last week.

The suspects which include a Nigerian, Aghaor Sampson and a Ghanaian Seidu Mba are believed to be the same people behind the kidnapping of the Indian businessman in Kumasi a few weeks ago.

In April 2019, police sources revealed that three unidentified men in a saloon vehicle at gunpoint forced the victim into their vehicle at Ahodwo Kumasi and sped off.

They are said to have called his relation, Tamil Kumar, who is a businessman, demanding a $500,000 ransom for his release warning him not to involve the police and sent images of a gun pointed at him with his hands tied to his back.

The Canadian women’s rescue operation was conducted by an all Ghanaian security operative even though initial reports said Canadian security experts had been flown into the country to help with the rescue operation

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