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I’d have quit doing gospel music long time if I were looking for money – Selina Boateng

Talented Gospel Musician, Selina Boateng has said she would have long stopped doing gospel music if making money is her goal because it’s hard to make money doing this genre of music.

According to her, though doing gospel music is not financially rewarding she’s kept on churning out songs because her focus is to spread the good news of God to every living soul once she has life.

She told host Moses Aluebasi on Ejura based Naagyei FM’s Entertainment show, that nothing will stop her from continuing to do gospel music as whoever diligently does God’s work is always blessed by the Almighty.

“If you give a good testimony about God He rewards you indirectly in so many ways so it’s not about the money I’ll make that spurs me on to do gospel music but to ensure that the gospel spreads to the ends of the world. If I were doing gospel music for money I would have long quit because frankly speaking, you don’t get money doing gospel music. The money you pump into making the music you’re not even sure you’ll get it back, it’s just like gambling. But since I’m doing for God I’m not going to stop doing it.”

Many Gospel musicians who have been interviewed say they make less money doing this kind of genre as compared to their colleagues doing secular music.

Some say whereas their colleagues charge huge amounts for shows, they are unable to demand such amounts because they know they’re doing service unto God Almighty.


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