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Radio Gold, Radio XYZ shut down: NCA actions harsh – GIBA

The Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association(GIBA) has accused the National Communications Authority(NCA) of being high-handed in its decision to close down Radio Gold and Radio XYZ.

Two radio stations affiliated to the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Radio Gold and Radio XYZ – were taken off the air by the NCA Thursday afternoon after they stormed the premises of the radio stations backed by heavily armed police personnel.

The NCA has in a statement said it is shutting down stations who have defaulted in renewing their licenses

“Radio stations operating without valid authorizations as determined by the 2017 FM Broadcasting Audit are being shut down with immediate effect as an enforcement action in view of the decision of the Electronic Communications Tribunal.

But the President of GIBA, Andy Ahinkora in an interview said the NCA’s measures are harsh.

“The NCA in recent times are applying very harsh methods to get people to comply with what they are supposed to do. In fact, in some aspect of the ruling of the ECT the ECT said that there are milder means of soliciting compliance from those who default and which the NCA could apply but has not done so but has chosen the harsher means to do that which in that particular instance failed. We believe that there are ways NCA can get us all back.” 

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