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Juju in gospel music industry real not perception – Jennifer Jimah

Gospel musician Jennifer Jimah has said the stories about gospel musicians casting juju spell on their colleagues are true and not just speculations.

Strangely, there have been reports that some gospel musicians consult all sorts of deities to cast juju spells on their colleague musicians to ruin their music career.

They are said to present to fetish priests pictures of the targeted musician and a copy of that person’s music CD for rituals to be done for the spell to work.

In an interview with Moses Aluebasi on Ejura-based Naagyei FM’s Entertainment Review show, Jennifer Jimah bemoaned that behaviour saying it is unchristian and should be stopped by persons in the habit of doing so.

“Claims about juju in the gospel music circle is very true. There are some gospel musicians who when they notice that another musician has the same style as them feel threatened that that person might take their shine and so consult deities to get rid of the competitor so that he or she maintains his or her level or progresses further. So the juju claims are very true.”

The budding musician is out with a six-track album titled “Yesu Maba” which has already gotten considerable airplay.


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