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Meet Emmanuel Jaggrey who was burnt as a result of leaking petrol

Emmanuel Jaggrey, a middle-aged resident of Ejura in the Ashanti Region got parts of his body charred after a gallon of petrol he carried on his motorbike bike leaked and ignited fire.

The sad incident which occurred a year ago has left the man with scars all over his body and incapable of effectively using his badly burnt hand.

In an interview with host Henry Lord on Ejura based Naagyei FM, Mr Jaggrey shared how he’s been neglected by his family due to his current state which has resulted in him having suicidal thoughts.

“After my motorbike caught fire and severely burnt my body I woke up from coma to see myself on the hospital bed. I saw my intestines gushed out, my hands and thighs burnt. I didn’t even believe that I would survive and stay till now. If I look at my current circumstances, and I remember how I used to be serviceable to my family and the fact that they’ve now turned their back against me, I feel like committing suicide. On December 26, I’d gone to buy rat poison to take and end my life because I was frustrated and depressed in life, but I had a change of mind after a sermon by a pastor touched my heart and encouraged me. “

He added: “My family has deserted and I don’t have any support from them at the moment. I have to undergo surgery which will cost GHC6,000 but I have no money. I appeal to philanthropists and other well-meaning Ghanaians to come to my aid and help raise this money.”

Mr Jaggrey advised the public to be careful in their daily activities since a little carelessness on their part can maim or cause their life.


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