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Probing Domelevo not a plan to remove him – EOCO clarifies

The Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) has said their investigations into the auditor-general is not intended to get him removed from office.

EOCO also says claims that they do not have the power to investigate Mr. Daniel Domelevo are baseless and not backed by law.

It comes after some civil society groups declared support for the auditor general following attempts by EOCO to probe him over some alleged procurement breaches.

The opposition NDC which has waded into the matter says the EOCO action is a precurssor to a grand scheme to get the auditor general removed by the government.

Responding to the claim, EOCO said their investzigations into activities and conduct of Mr. Domelevo is grounded in law and appropriate.

“The investigation by EOCO is not aimed at the removal of an Auditor-General from office. EOCO is neither seized with the power to nor interested in removing an Auditor-General from office. The investigations by the Office of the various individuals arc in line with our legal mandate and purely borne out of due process.

“The attempt to equate EOCO’s investigation to constitutional processes for removal from office is additionally misplaced. In Conclusion,  EOCO assures all stakeholders that it works with utmost respect for thc rulc of Iths. human rights and respect for thc Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. The Office will not relent in its efforts at carrying out i. mandate of investigation in accordance with the relevant laws of the land.

“We wish to assure all persons that EOCO Office will go ahead with thvestigations into matters referred to it without fear or favour, and will continue to discharge its mandate in accordance with law and standani practice.

“Meanwhile, it is our undersumding that Mr. Domcicvo has commenced legal proceedings challenging EOCO’s powers to investigate him. This Officc will respond to the processes of the Courts when it is seized with same,” a statement from EOCO said.

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