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Profane songs must be banned…body to censure music necessary – Akosua Agyepong

Veteran musician Akosua Agyepong is advocating for the setting up of a body to assess music produced in Ghana.

According to her, it has become necessary for such a move due to the increasing level of profanity contained in music churched out in the past few years.

Ghanaians by our culture are known to be people who frown upon the public use of x-rated lyrics, but some creative arts critics and a section of the public have had cause to complain about the profane lyrics in music composed especially by young musicians of today.

Some of the words in the songs and music videos are very explicit, leaving many parents worrying over the possibility of such songs on the radio corrupting their children.

In an interview with host Moses Aluebasi on Ejura based Naagyei FM Entertainment Review show, Akosua Agyepong stated that it about time sanity is brought into the music industry.

It is important that we have a committee that will assess every song before it is released onto the market. That committee will ensure that lyrics contained in the songs are not profane and will not corrupt our children or go against our cultural values as a people. As for most of our songs, the rhythms are good but the lyrics are terrible. There are instances where a song is released and just six months after the song dies, you don’t ever hear it being played anywhere.”

“A good song always outlives the composer, several years after the musician’s death the song still lives on and is played around. But that’s not what we are seeing now, the songs die too quickly and that tells a lot about its quality, Akosua Agyepong added.


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