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Ejura Sekyedumase: NDC reacts to NPP’s statement on Mahama’s tour




The attention of the NDC in Ejura/sekyedumase constituency has be drawn to a rather clueless, baseless and ill-informed press release by some baby elephants who call themselves by the name above.

Before we react to their empty rhetorics, we wish to draw the attention of the general public to the seeming disrespect by these baby elephants to the President of the republic, Nana Addo, who said he was not going to respond to any political party flagbearer aspirant. Yet, these baby elephants defied the President order and went ahead to respond to H.E John Dramani Mahama.

This disrespectful behavior by the baby elephant has been pervasive ever since this clueless government assumed office.

In their empty release, they sought to create an impression that the NDC members in Ejura Sekyedumase were not out in their numbers to welcome the former leader as it used to be.We in NDC see this position as pitiful and ridiculous.

Ladies and gentlemen, what is factual is that the former President John Dramani Mahama came to the constituency on the said date to meet, interact and seek the mandate of the branch executives from the 125 branches across the constituency to make him a flagbearer of our great party NDC come January 19, 2019. The former President was billed to meet a population of a little over 1000 delegates. However, the people who gathered at Malam Aminu’s park, the venue for the occasion, were even far and above the anticipated population and were enough to meet the demands of the occasion. What these baby elephants must know is that HE John Dramani Mahama did not join us in Ejura to have a rally but to meet the kingmakers of this constituency. So, coming to the venue was strictly by invitation and not all NDC members were invited there. In fact, the numbers were so overwhelming that as organizers we had to enforce extra security measures to control the teeming crowd that had gathered at the venue. So for a communication’s wing of NPP, a party in power to engage in this weak minded propaganda is a reflection of the dysfunctional governing style that the President Nana Addo is offering to the good people of Ghana. The press release from the NPP is a mark of shear ignorance, emptiness and confused state of mind.

The euphoria and the renewed enthusiasm that greeted the entry of the former leader into Ejura sent shock waves and shivers down the spine of the NPP and unsettled the very foundation of the NPP here in Ejura. This has been the reason they embarked on this fishing expedition to stay relevant in the political space of this constituency.

Ladies and gentlemen in their vile propaganda, the NPP claimed that the former President’s position on the state of the economy and the hardship that has engulfed this country was because the former leader was no longer benefiting from corruption, the reason he complained of hardship. Ironically, what the NPP wing of Ejura/Sekyedumase had forgotten is that President Nana Addo is on record to have conceded that Ghana was indeed hard. The former President couldn’t have been more right and exact on his position on hardship considering the fact that in 2016 a gallon of petrol goes for Gh₵14.00 but today that same gallon goes for Gh₵24.00. A whooping Gh₵10.00 increase in less than 2years. Yet our brothers in the elephant fraternity claims all is well with Ghanaians. Today a tin of milk that used to be Gh₵1.80p under NDC is now over Gh₵4.00p. Not long ago, it took no less a person than Mr Franklin Cudjoe, the Executive director of Imani Africa to publicly display to the world the high cost of NIDO powder as compared to what it used to be. The insensitive layoffs and deliberate collapse of indigenous banks alone is testimony to the hardships the workers of these banks are going through in this country. The fate of teacher trainees who never benefited from the supposed restored allowances are compelled into accepting NSS posting whilst sadly since September 2018 our Basic and JHS are being left empty without government posting fresh graduate teacher trainees to fill the gap.

The struggle that Ghanaians are going through is unprecedented. It is also a mark of dishonesty and arrogance been exhibited by the NPP over the plight of the average Ghanaian. They refuse to accept the fact that prices of goods are skyrocketing and cost of living is indeed rising.If the baby elephants have deliberately covered their ears to the cries of Ghanaians then they will soon hear from them in 2020.

Ladies and gentlemen, the NPP in opposition complained about borrowing by the previous regime. Under the direction of Nana Addo and Dr Bawumiah in opposition, Ghanaians were told that borrowing was a lazy man’s approach to developing a country. That it is a mark of incompetence to borrow. Nana Addo and Bawumiah told Ghanaians that given the opportunity they will move away from the economy built on borrowing and taxation to a production driven economy.

Ladies and gentlemen, when we gave the chance to govern, Nana Addo and Bawumiah have exhibited worse forms of borrowing to the extent that the NDC used 8years to accumulate a little over Gh₵80bn debt but the NPP used only 21 months to borrow Gh₵50.8bn. This amount translates into an average monthly borrowing of Gh₵2.4bn as against the average monthly borrowing of Gh₵900m which is less than a billion in every month.

Ladies and gentlemen the total debt stock of Ghana which the baby elephants were so ashamed to mention stand at Gh₵170.8 billion from a figure of Gh₵120 billion. Fellow Ghanaians and cherished constituents of Ejura/Sekyedumase and beyond it might interest you to know that Ghana’s total debt from independence to 2016 was only Gh₵120 billion. The NPP government under the leadership of President Nana Addo and Bawumiah who claimed borrowing was a lazy man approach to development took it from 120 to 170.8 billion with no hen coop to show. NDC is proud to be associated with the construction of Tamale Airport, Ho Airport, Kotoka International Airport Terminal 3, expansion of Kumasi Airport, establishment of community Day SHS ,the Ridge Hospital, the Legon Teaching Hospital, , IT infrastructure, investments in oil and gas. Today, Ghana gas produces 140 million cubic meters of gas to power aboadze thermal plant.

Ladies and gentlemen, the over 50.8 billion Cedis debt accumulated in just two years by this government was so scary and humongous to the NPP folks that they had no option than to stay away from commenting on it but cheaply sort to attack personalities who made the ordinary citizens to understand how much the government has borrowed.

Fellow Ghanaians, NDCin Ejura/Sekyedumase want to use this medium to challenge the baby elephants and its entire leadership to state one visible and sustainable project they have used the loans borrowed to construct.

Ladies and gentlemen, on corruption allegations, these baby elephants, in exhibiting their usual characteristics, shamefully mentioned GYEEDA, SUBA, Woyome, Bus Branding suggest the NDC was corrupt, a position they had held prior to 2016 elections and claimed they were going to prosecute all those involved in those supposed acts of corruption.We are in second year of this super incompetent government and they can’t produce a single incontrovertible evidence to back their empty allegations, not to talk of prosecuting anyone in the erstwhile NDC government.

We in the NDC see this as a complete fabrication tailored at winning power at all cost by the current president and his vice to deceive Ghanaians into voting for them, only to witness real corrupt acts as in: BOST, KelniGvG, Ghana Post GPs, Ameri deal, Maritime CEO, GFA, Bawumia drone scandal, among others.

Ladies and gentlemen, whilst going through the empty, pitiful and shameful press release from the baby elephants,we have spotted another falsehood that Ghana experienced an inflationary spiral during JDM’s tenure as President.

We in the NDC Ejura/Sekyedumase wouldn’t blame them for their obtuseness in the concept of inflation.

In spite of the inherited power challenges that bedeviled the government of JDM, the government of NDC under the leadership of HE JDM managed to ensure a downward decline of inflation in the last quarter of 2016 which the super incompetent Nana Addo government inherited. The inflationary figures in the

LAST QUARTER are as follows;

September 2016 = 17.5%

October 2016  =15.8%

November 2016 =15.5%

December 2016  =15.4%

So you see a consistent downward decline of inflation. Lies can’t rule. The current artificial inflation rate they put out is only a nine day wonder. If Nana Addo/Bawumiah and his NPP government are men enough, they should pay government contractors and see their real size.

The similitude of NPP’s inflation record is that of a person whose source of protein is his body flesh. You can’t eat your own flesh and think that you have eaten meat.

Ladies and gentlemen, the baby elephants also talked about their performance in the agriculture sector. We wish to state clearly that the NPP has done nothing to contribute to the growth of the Agriculture sector. All they say about agriculture sector is only about planting for food and job program which

President Mahama secured an amount of 125 million Canadian dollars with which he would have use to establish farm service centers across the country to be extremely more beneficial and sustainable to alleviate the plight of the ordinary small holder farmer. Unfortunately, NPP inherited this amount and used it to their credit in an unsustainable planting for food and jobs. A program, of which only the majority of NPP card bearing members who are even on government payroll are benefiting. Fellow Ghanaians the Agriculture sector, with this amount should have grown beyond their touted 8.4%. The agriculture minister and the President used a whooping 20 million dollars of this amount ostensibly to fight army worm but ended up in their pockets.

Ladies and gentlemen, out of blatant ignorance, the baby elephants tout themselves of having achieved a balance of trade surplus. Interestingly in 2017, according to BoG, export in oil commodities tripled. And also Ghana used to import oil to the tune of USD 905.8m in 2016. But for the heavy financial and logistics investment by HE JDM in the sector whose fruits yielded in 2017, Ghana’s import of oil in 2017, reduced by 12%.This act of dilettantism by NPP was exposed by their performance in the non-oil GDP growth which recorded 4.9% in 2017 as against 5% of NDC in 2016 respectively.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, relative to their claim on treasury bill, the folding up of local banks is enough exposure to their mischief and least talk about it the better since, every Ghanaian is a living witness.

You think the economy is resilient and that a treasury bill rate is low, the weakness in the financial sector will expose your super incompetence.

Fellow compatriots,

Let us come down to the local politics and shred the NPP to their real size.

Hon. Alhaj Muhammad Bawah Braimah, the current member of Parliament for Ejura/sekyedumase constituency who doubles as the former Municipal Chief Executive officer for this municipality, is the best to have happened to the people of this constituency. His vision to transform and change the face of the municipality when he was MCE for the area earned him the accolade “Adwumawura Baako P3” and that accounted for his massive victory over the incompetent Hon. Salisu Bamba. His achievements as MCE and now MP is so overwhelming that it can take one whole day mentioning them. These are not far fetched

1. He connected 58 communities onto the national grid, communities which hitherto had never dreamt of seeing electricity.

2. He provided modern street lights to Ejura town, Sekyedumase town and Anyinasu town.

3. He dug 30 boreholes across the constituency to make clean and potable drinking water accessible to all and sundry in his constituency.

4. He constructed 10.5km of asphalted town roads at Ejura.

5. He constructed sekyedumase to Anyinasu road.

6. He reshaped and graveled a lot of the feeder roads in this constituency.

7. He constructed over 20 classroom blocks across the constituency.

8. He gave scholarship to hundreds of students in SHS and Tertiary.

9. He organized vacation classes for SHS during vacation and mock exams for JHS students during their preparation towards BECE.

10. He donated 1ton of iron rods and 100bags of cement each to Ejuraman ICCES and Anyinasu SHS to build classroom blocks in their respective schools.

12. He built 3 CHPS compounds at Bemi, Kyenkyenkura and Hiawoanwu

13. He renovated male, female and maternity wards at Ejura hospital.

As a member of Parliament for the area he is constructing

1. A three unit classroom block and an office complex for the Somdania Islamic School.

2. Organized Vacation classes for SHS students during vacation.

3. He distributed over a 20,000 customized exercise books to pupils and students across the constituency.

4. He has donated 150 dual desks to Apaaso Primary School at Sekyedumase.

5. He has given financial support to hundreds of his constituency to continue their education.

6. He also donated 5 packets of roofing sheets to African Faith Basic School at Hiawoanwu.

7. He is constructing a CHPS compound at Kobiriti.

8. He donated 100 bags and a cash amount of Gh₵5000 to the chiefs and people of Seko to help them build a maternity block at Seko health centre.

9. He also donated 200 bags of cement and Gh₵5000 to the chiefs and people of Ejura to build Doctors bungalow at Ejura hospital.

10. He has mechanized 3 boreholes at Dromankumah, Apiadwa and Ejura Nkwanta.

11. Two separate high voltage transformers were lobbied, secured and brought to the people of Abrewano and Zabrama communities to also get connected to the national grid.

12. He has donated two aloba motorcycles to the sekyedumase police to aid in their operations.

The confused NPP boys who are always shifting the goal post has not seen all these and resorted to attacks on the person of our MP, they have suddenly realized their boss has nothing to show for his 95% of his share of the  common fund, resorted to Size 5 bags politics.

It is on record that, the then MCE and now MP, Hon Alhaj Muhammad Bawah Braimah, has said times without number that on the 7th of January, 2021, when the NDC is declared victorious the size 5 will be history in the Ejura market. A conviction the current MCE does not share and has no political will to fight the use of these huge sacks. He is happy seeing the poor farmer ripped off their hard earned income. Under the auspices of the current MP, when he was the MCE in the previous assembly, instituted bye- laws to regulate and eliminate the use of size 5 sacks in Ejura market in consultation with the neighbouring constituencies like Atebubu, Nkoranza, Techiman and Mampong, they all agreed to eliminate these sacks from their markets and it worked to perfection, only for this incompetent government to bring it back the sacks back into the market the very week they were sworn into office. The current MCE, Mohammed Salisu Bamba is only good at overbloating contract sums and display of super incompetence. The ¢3.5bn used to paint the seko community centre and the ¢40billion his own people are saying he  is using to construct the lorry park at Ejura are clear evidence to what is referred to above.


Ladies and gentlemen, Ejura/Sekyedumase which, to state in an unequivocal terms that, the visit of HE JDM to branch executives received an overwhelming patronage.

We subsequently wish to draw the attention of the baby elephants and

Nana Akuffu addo that  except for Gh₵135, 000.00 lunch, 11 air-conditioners, kelniGvG, Fuel contamination and evaporation, building JB Dankwah’s memorial home and commissioning of  toilets, has nothing to show for the borrowed 50billion Cedis in less than 2years. A situation which should be a source of worry.

We are by this press release calling on the good of people Ejura/ sekyedumasi and beyond to ask the current MCE to tell us what exactly he has used Gh₵2,630,856 (26billion old Cedis) of his share of the District Assemblies Common Fund for?



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