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Seized 436 pistols will not be released to ‘big men’ – GRA assures

The Ghana Revenue Authority(GRA) has dismissed rumours that arms and ammunitions seized at the Tema Port are to be released to some persons within the country.

The Authority has confirmed the seizure of the ammunitions which were impounded at the Port last Friday.

The container described on arrival at the Tema Port as containing personal effects, household goods, and a cardin machine was flagged as a red channel. After investigations, 18 packages identified as restricted items were found in the container.

These include 436 pistols, 26 packs of 50 pieces of ammunition, and 1 piece pepper spray. These items have been imported in the country without the necessary permit from the Ministry of Interior. The items had also not been declared to Customs on arrival.

An inventory of the items was taken in the presence of the officers of the Preventive Wing of the Customs Division, the Bureau of National Investigations, National Security, and the Police. All representatives including the Clearing Agent signed against the total number of arms and ammunitions seized.

A seizure notice was issued to the Clearing Agent and the seized consignment was placed in the custody of the Customs Division.

A statement issued said “the Ghana Revenue Authority finds it worrying, mischievous and premature any information that seeks to imply that the seized ammunition is being kept for onward release to some big men. The outcome of investigations by the Police on the restricted items will be made public when concluded.” 

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